Yew Root Balled 30/40cmPlants

Yew Root Balled 30/40cmPlants
Yew Root Balled 30/40cmPlants
Brand: Taxus
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Yew Root Balled 30/40cm

Botanical name: Taxus baccata

Other names: Common yew, English yew, YewVariety 
Description: Taxus baccata (Common Yew) is a medium-sized evergreen, conifer tree or shrub of a rounded habit with narrow, very dark green foliage and fleshy red fruit.
Spread: 12m Max 
Height: 15m Max (20-50 years to reach full maturity)
Uses:  Perfect for a low maintenance hedge.
Plant in any well-drained soil. Will tolerate exposure, dry soils and urban pollution.
For hedging plant 3-4 x 30/40cm root balled pot plants per metre.
Ideal Soil:  
Acid, Alkaline or Neutral 
Chalk, Clay, Sand or Loam. 
Will tolerate most soil types.
Ideal Light: Partial Shade, Full Shade or Full Sun
Hardiness: -10 degrees Celsius
Pruning:  No regular pruning necessary, but can be trimmed and shaped when required.
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