Cypress Leyland 40/60cm (2 Litre)Plants

Cypress Leyland 40/60cm (2 Litre)Plants
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Cypress Leyland 40/60cm (2 Litre)

Botanical name: X Cupressocyparis leylandii

Other names: Leyland cypress, Chamaecyparis leylandii, Leylandii x Cuprocyparis, Leylandii x Cupressocyparis, cupressus leylandii
Variety Description: leylandii is an extremely fast growing, evergreen coniferous tree. It has dark green dense foliage is columnar in habit with dense sprays and small round cones. 
Spread: 10m Max 
Height: 35m Max (10-20 years to achieve maximum height)
Uses:  Perfect for a formal hedge 
Plant in the spring or autumn in any moist well drained soil. 
For hedging plant 3 x 2/3L plants per metre.
Ideal Soil:  
Acid, Alkaline or Neutral 
Chalk, Clay, Sand or Loam. 
Will tolerate most soils
Ideal Light: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Hardiness: -15 degrees Celsius
Pruning:  Apart from the winter months regular pruning is required to maintain height and shape. Pruning should be restricted to new shoots as old wood will not re-sprout.
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