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I recently purchased 87 container grown Prunus Rotundifloria plants. I ordered these over the internet and received excellent customer service. I was e-mailed re delivery and also telephoned. The plants arrived on the agreed day and I was very pleasently suprised at the excellent quality of all the .. ...»
David Hargrave
Fantastic plants. Mature and bushy. Excellent service.. ...»
We ordered 100 Box plants, they arrived on time but there was a small problem which was corrected and the replacements arrived on the day requested. We will be using Welland Vale Nurseries again and will recommend them to our friends... ...»
Nick R
Great customer service, delivery on time and well packaged. Pleased with plants, although a couple of branches have subsequently bent and snapped under weight of recent snow and high winds of late but out of the 50 received, only two damaged and all others seem to be bedding in well... ...»
Mrs Vallancey
Welland Vale delivered beautiful plants in perfect condition superbly packed on a pallet, we were delighted, I would definately use them again. This variety makes an excellent alternative to Buxus Sempervirens... ...»
Phillippa Kirby


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Westland Bone Meal Root Builder 10kg
> Easy to use> Ideal for trees & shrubs> Promotes strong & healthy rooting ..
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Westland Chicken Manure Pellets 10kg
 >Composted chicken manure pellets >Ideal for soil enrichment & impr..
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Westland Fish, Blood & Bone All Purpose Plant Food 10kg
  >Ready to use >Helps build soil fertility >En..
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Westland Growmore Garden Fertiliser 10kg
 > Ideal as a base & top dressing > Rich in essentail nutrients&..
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